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The Process



 We work closely with our clients to develop designs which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We consider style, dimensions, functionality, special requirements etc, design to zero in on the finished design.



A key ingredient in producing a premium product is choosing solid hardwoods,softwoods, hardware, and supplies to guarantee outstanding results for years to come.

All of our products are 100% custom-made and locally-made.

We will not purchase table legs etc or anything that can be made with wood. We custom make every piece we build with



Providing the highest quality woodwork and a commitment to service is the foundation of Elon’s Custom Furniture. “Understanding and respecting the relationship between the client and the builder is one of the keys to our success.”



Furniture from Elon’s is built from solid hard and soft woods. We incorporate a multitude of traditional woodworking techniques that greatly enhance the beauty, function and durability of each piece.

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