Our Approach

We strive to provide the highest quality woodwork. A commitment to service is the foundation of Elon’s Custom Furniture.We incorporate a multitude of traditional woodworking techniques that
greatly enhance the beauty, function and durability of each piece.

Our Story


Living in Hawaii  is living in  paradise. However it can bring many challenges to families of all sizes.  The standard 3 bedroom home is roughly 1200 sq ft. When designing  a small space, functionality is vital. The Doggie Flat ™ is a testament to that fact.

LaShunda has lived 20 years of life as a military spouse. The experiences she gained  enabled her to develop her woodworking talents. She understands the challenge of solid functional furniture that can withstand the tedious moving and fast paced military life. LaShunda designs and creates unique custom furniture that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Thus we have beautiful piece for your dog and your home.

Meet Our Family

We are proud to be a  RETIRED MILITARY  Family OWNED COMPANY based in Oahu, Hawaii.



Wood Artisan & CEO

“I approach furniture as functional pieces of art. As a studio craftsman, my primary focus is the aesthetics: the way each piece of wood is joined in harmony with the others.” –L.W.


Jerry |||

The Airline Kennel Department- Happy Trails Division.  Plans to pursue a degree in engineering.